Bubble air mattress

Blue Bubble Air Mattress

APM-B01 Blue
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For both hospital and home care use.

A-B lines alternating air bubbles give super bedsore treatment.

Medical grade PVC material from Taiwan Nanya company,durable and high quality.

Warranty 1 year

One time welded by 200KW power high frequency machine.

Daily output 2000 pcs bubble mattresses.


After inflated: 200L x 90W x 7H cm

No.of bubble: 130 air bubbles

Material: K80 PVC, 0.3mm thickness, end flaps (40cm) avalible. 

Repair kit and hose included 

Mattress Weight: 1.95 kg

Weight capacity: 135 kg 

Bubble air mattress is suitable for stage 1 pressure sore.