Tubular air mattress

Tubular Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay

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A-B line air tubes alternating for anti bedsore / decubitus.

Top grade PVC coated with Nylon meterial from Taiwan Nanya company.

Stretch PU cover with snap fixture, fire retardant, water proof.

CPR for quick air release in emergency.

Warranty 1 year


Size: 80"L x 32"-36"W x 5"H (16 air cells), 4"H (24 air cells) and 4.5"H (18 air cells) 

Bottom material: PVC tarpaulin

Net weight: 5.31 kgs

Weight capacity: 145 kgs

Tubular Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay is suitablt for stage 1-2 pressore sores.