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Air Pressure Therapy System Device

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A,B mode available                                                          

Pressure range: 20-250mmHg                                                    

Timer: 10, 20, 30 mins                                                          

Power consumption: 30W                                                           

Voltage: AC 110V/60Hz or AC 220V/50Hz                                        

Machine size:  260*170*130 mm,                                                  

Machine weight: 2.5 KG                                                           

Sleeve size:

Waist sleeve: S. 120 x 40 cm / L 145 x 40 cm

Arm sleeve:   S. 70 x 25 cm / L 90 x 25 cm

Leg sleeve:    S. 90 x 30 cm / L 110 x 30 cm, XL 110 x 35 (double zippers)                                                                            

Leg sleeve extension piece 10 cm width                                                                                                       

Medical grade TPU material from Taiwan, 4 chambers, made by high frequency welding, durable for use.  

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Machine packed with expandable polystyrene, cuffs with PE plastic bag

1 Set/Color box (35L x 33W x 22H cm), 

2 Sets/Carton (46L x 34W x 37H cm)

Product function modes

Mode A for massage & Slimming: 

1. Relieve overall fatigue and discomfortable, help ease stiff and sore muscles at the lower end of body, including foot, calf and thigh. 

2. Effectively relieve muscle and limbs stiffness and spasms. 

3. Air-pressurized massaging action helps ease swelling and circulates blood flow.                   

4. Increase blood circulation and microcirculation to different parts.

Mode B for medical pressure therapy:

Air Pressure Therapy is a mechanical method of drainage that works by moving excess interstitial fluids and by promoting veinous and lymphatic flow while respecting the circulatory systems and the anatomical structures concerned. Pressure therapy is very beneficial in stimulating blood flow, and offers and excellent method to improve with lasting effects, problems linked to poor circulation: veinous or lymphatic insufficiency, swelling, varicose veins, heavy legs. As a real source of well being. Pressure therapy also helps reduce muscle and joint pain. Has a recognized relaxing effect after intensive sporting activity. The mechanical movement of the device exerts an effective, gentle and continuous pressure that is particularly indicated in the treatment of cellulite and especially unbecoming orange peel aspect. By stimulating the circulation of lymph, the elimination of toxins carrying away fatty deposits is achieved more rapidly. 

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