Tubular air mattress

Double Layers (Cell in Cell) Alternating Pressure (Stage 3-4 pressure sores)

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Low air loss mattress replacement.

AB-C lines alternating for better body pressure relief.

Top grade TPU coated with Nylon from Taiwan Nanya company.

Stretch PU cover with zipper closure, fire retardant, waterproof.

Pillow function.

Single CPR for quick deflation in emergency.

Double layers, cell in cell. 

Bottom layer static and upper A-B lines alternately inflate and deflate.


After inflated: 80"L x 32-36"W x 8"H -20 cells. 

Air cell material:  Nylon TPU

Bottom material: PVC tarpaulin 

Net Weight: 6.53 KG

Weight capacity: 210 KG